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Together, we are stronger, is the of the institution'slogan. In consideration of this, it has developed a post-program social platform linked through its state-of-the-art education management system or study portal for better connectivity of students with their fellow batch mates, whose profiles are visible to partner institutions and businesses for job placements and referrals, paid online assignments, and volunteering opportunities for students and graduates. The basic concept is to combine a group of minds who share the same educational route and field for the greater welfare of their professional growth and advancement.

Learn About The 3 Most Common
Visas Of USA

Students who are in need of information and support to get a visa in order to study in the United States will find this information important.

F1 Student Visa

The F1 Visa is the most common US student visa. It's commonly given to students studying in the US or learning English. F1s must be full-time.

J1 Student Visa

The "Work/Travel Program" under the J1 Visa permits students to work and travel in the US for three to four months.

M1 Student Visa

Study up on the Green Card Lottery program, sometimes referred to as the US Diversity Lottery and finding out all there is to know about it.

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In an attempt to recruit students with a strong respect for education and dedication to academic accomplishment, we provide the most extensive financial assistance package available. You may have a significant influence on the Hamilton University of Business and Technology community.

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