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We provide a home for the minds of tomorrow. Future international leaders are cultivated, grown, and trained at Hamilton University of Business and Technology.

Our university has been of service to the United States for decades, and it always will be.  Students from all over the world, both at home and abroad, seek out our university because of the high quality of education we provide. Because of the superior quality of our educational system, our graduates go on to work for or start successful companies all around the globe.

Learn From Our Industry-Leading Professionals

Our international faculty brings unique expertise and talents. Full-time and part-time professors create online courses and programs. They also grade coursework and provide students letters of recommendation for overseas jobs.



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Why Choose Us?

Our university focuses on one goal: to develop the future of students who prefer our platform over others. Make a place for learning where teachers, administrators, and students can find, study, protect, and pass on the knowledge, wisdom, and values that will help current and future generations stay alive and improve the quality of life for everyone.


Students & Alumni Services

HUBT provides each student with access to a dedicated counselor who can help them along the way. In addition to helping current students, we also offer assistance to our alums, with the hope of giving them the direction they need to launch fruitful professional careers.

Our students have access to loads of facilities. Some of these facilities include scholarship opportunities for high achievers, career counselling services to both past and present students, and a 24/7 access to their personal online portals.

As an online student at Hamilton University of Business and Technology, you can count on receiving the support you need. Hamilton University of Business and Technology offers its students a wide variety of support systems designed to help them succeed academically and professionally.

There are more than eighty different nationalities represented among our alumni, which has led to the formation of its very own distinct community.

It is possible for you to make use of previously utilized credits that you have already earned, which will cut down on the total length of time to graduate.

What Do Our Reputed Alumni Say About Us?

During my stay at Hamilton University of Business and Technology, I was able to further develop my knowledge in supply chain management, and the experience was fantastic in general. The academic and practical knowledge you acquire from Hamilton University of Business and Technology's online courses is unrivaled.

Wilfred Romero

Supply Chain Manager