Learn More About The Hamilton University of Business and Technology School Of Social Sciences

At the HUBT School of Social sciences, we strive to make sense of the world's most difficult problems. Our students and staff investigate and conduct research on social justice and social transformation among individuals and their physical settings. We strive to tackle all of the world's challenges, ranging from health and well-being to legal and judicial matters.


    Dr Elizabeth Gordon
  • Head of Department
  • Dr Brooke Mendez
  • Lecturer
  • Kate Shamron
  • Lecturer

Priviliges Of Applying In Our School Of Social Sciences

As students approach university and maturity, it is essential that they gain an awareness and comprehension of the environment in which they live. Social science courses aid students in expanding their knowledge of the world, developing their critical thinking abilities, and enhancing their cultural awareness.

The International Community Honors Our Professionals

Hamilton University of Business and Technology is often ranked as one of the best universities in the country. When it comes to distant education, our school is at the forefront of innovation. The courses are current, have relevant and recent content, and are delivered by qualified and experienced lecturers. When it comes to education ranking agencies that evaluate the effectiveness and employer approval of these career-focused and self-paced programs, we come out on top by a wide margin.