Learn More About The Hamilton University of Business and Technology School Of Political Sciences And Public Administration

HUBT's School of Political Sciences & Public Administration teaches in the area of politics and administration involved in government operations, public policy analysis, and all related research in politics and governance. Through research, service, and teaching, we aim to benefit the national, global, and local communities.


    Dr Margerette Lee
  • Head of Department
  • Dr Natalie Wayne
  • Lecturer
  • Adam Rhoades
  • Lecturer

Priviliges Of Applying In Our School Of Political Sciences And Public Administration

Journalists, foreign service officers, lawyers, educators, and future politicians may all benefit from a background in political science. Students will be able to understand about the political ideals of a group by examining their social, economic, and political structures.

The International Community Honors Our Professionals

Hamilton University of Business and Technology is often ranked as one of the best universities in the country. When it comes to distant education, our school is at the forefront of innovation. The courses are current, have relevant and recent content, and are delivered by qualified and experienced lecturers. When it comes to education ranking agencies that evaluate the effectiveness and employer approval of these career-focused and self-paced programs, we come out on top by a wide margin.