Distant Learning Like None Other

The online courses and programs made available by Hamilton University of Business and Technology are now accessible to students and working professionals wherever in the world.

Personalized Dashboards

The Dashboard at Brandnam links students to their courses and activities within them, including unread forum posts and future assignments. The Dashboard is a customizable interface that informs students of their current status and forthcoming deadlines.

Interaction With The Faculty

Students may use phone, email, discussion forums, social media, and videoconferencing, especially for group work. Hamilton University of Business and Technology online students identify themselves to instructors, ask questions, and even carry on regular conversations with their trainers.

Online Education Like You Have Never Experienced Before

It is normal to feel nervous about transitioning to online courses for the remainder of the semester, in addition to the other life adjustments needed by the COVID-19 health issue. We have trust in the capacity of our students and staff to adjust to the new conditions despite the obstacles. Listed below are many recommendations to help you acclimate to this new type of learning and graduate this semester as a Warrior.

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