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Here at Hamilton University of Business and Technology, we make Credit transfers simple. You may be excused from a course if you have already completed it. This will not only save you time and energy, but also money, since the course free will be waived.

Transferring courses allows students to reduce the number of credit hours required to complete a degree program. Credit transfer saves students not just the cost of tuition for extra credit hours, but also the time required to complete their degree.

Follow These Steps to Claim Your Credits:

  • 1) Sign up for a program at Hamilton University of Business and Technology.

  • 2) After logging into your account, go to Student Services.

  • 3) Claim credit by choosing the appropriate courses.

  • 4) You will get an average GPA for the courses you choose.

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Making It Simpler For You

On Campus Transfer

We are proud of its diverse international student body. We cater to all of your requirements and make the educational process as convenient for you as possible

Get Credit Equivalency

Hamilton University of Business and Technology allows students to transfer courses using a credit-by-credit and course-by-course basis.

Accelerated Degree Completion

You may accelerate the completion of your degree by exempting classes you've previously completed.

Military Awards

If you have a military experience or have served in the military in any capacity, you may further your education by joining Hamilton University of Business and Technology.

The Global Community Raves About Our Professionals

Our college provides students with an unequaled remote learning system, enabling them to engage with the greatest curriculum while maintaining their daily responsibilities. The given programs are current, include the most latest knowledge, and are taught by professional and seasoned professors. Education ranking agencies evaluate these career-focused and self-paced programs based on their effectiveness and employer evaluations, and we dominate the rankings by a considerable margin.

  • 1

    Fill out the form with the required information

  • 2

    Select The Program Of Your Choice

  • 3

    Our Professionals Will Walk You Through The Registration Process

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What Do Our Reputed Alumni Say About Us?

During my stay at Hamilton University of Business and Technology, I was able to further develop my knowledge in supply chain management, and the experience was fantastic in general. The academic and practical knowledge you acquire from Hamilton University of Business and Technology's online courses is unrivaled.

Wilfred Romero

Supply Chain Manager