Guaranteed Academic Brilliance with Global Accreditations

Accreditation is intended to verify that the curriculum of higher education institutions meets recognized quality standards. Accrediting organizations set assessment criteria and perform peer evaluations to guarantee compliance with the established standards.Accreditation Board of United States (ACCBUS), Gulf Accreditation Board of Education (GABOE), and International Group of Academic Accreditation (IGOAA) have accredited Hamilton University of Business and Technology to provide Undergraduate, Graduate and Post Graduate degree programs.

At Hamilton University of Business and Technology, all degree, diploma, and certification programs are subject to a thorough assessment process that evaluates each program in terms of pricing, flexibility, curriculum quality, and student learning curves.

Benefits Of Online Accredited Degrees

  • Assures students that the institution meets industries standards for quality, professors, programs, and other academic services.

  • Ensures future employers and educational institutions recognize your degree.

  • A university's academic quality and standards provide assessor with confidence when transferring course credits.

Recognized By International Accreditation

Gulf Accreditation Board of Education

In the Middle East, accreditation and authentication are handled by the Gulf Accreditation Board of Education, which is responsible for ensuring that all institutions adhere to international norms and provide students with a world-class education. GABOE regularly assesses the quality of education at its accredited schools. GABOE is committed to achieving academic success so that all students have access to top universities across the world.

Accreditation Board of United States

Programs leading to postsecondary degrees in disciplines like engineering, health sciences, business management, nursing, criminal justice, law and legal studies, fire sciences, applied arts, social services, performing arts, and natural sciences are validated for their accreditation by the Accreditation Board of the United States (ACCBUS), a United States-based organization. When a college or university's program receives accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACCBUS), it means that it has been determined to meet or exceed the quality requirements set forth by the associated industry.

International Group of Academic Accreditation

The goal of the International Group for Academic Accreditation (IGOAA) is to validate the quality of an institution's education for the benefit of students worldwide. IOAAG's recognized quality assurance technique incorporates a whole education management system to improve schools internationally. Education at all levels benefits from this. Achieving the internationally recognized IGOAA certification opens doors to new opportunities in education and the workforce for people of diverse backgrounds and specializations.