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Get your academic and professional aspirations off the ground at Hamilton University of Business and Technology, one of the world's top-ranked educational institutions. Along with the best of the world's knowledge, we provide globally recognized online degree programs. Our mission is to provide an education that meets or exceeds global standards.

Global students and working professionals may now take advantage of Hamilton University of Business and Technology's vast online educational programs (including more than 300 degrees and certifications). Our online courses, degrees, and certificates are all taught by specialists of the greatest caliber and adhere to the highest academic standards. With over a thousand online students, we aspire to serve students all around the globe with our great, globally-recognized educational services. Hamilton University of Business and Technology enjoys the following accolades:

  • Up To 70% Academic Scholarships

  • Self-Paced Accredited Degree Programs

  • 92% Employment Rate For Hamilton University of Business and Technology Grads

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250+ Degree Programs

HUBT offers 250+ Degree Programs in 16 schools of study with a choice of 71+ Majors.

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Transfer credits from one institution to another, hence decreasing the total time required to complete your degree.

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Scholarships that may pay up to 70% of total tuition fees are available to honor students who go above and beyond.

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Career Center

Our job center professionals can write your resumes. We ensure that our students’ are moving in the right direction through our reputed networking and counselling.

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Student Portal

The Hamilton University of Business and Technology online dashboard is an adaptable screen that shows learners their progress and any forthcoming deadlines.

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English Language Courses

Our English language enhancement courses allow you interact effectively with fellow peers and course providers.  

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Our university focuses on one goal: to develop the future of students who prefer our platform over others. Make a place for learning where teachers, administrators, and students can find, study, protect, and pass on the knowledge, wisdom, and values that will help current and future generations stay alive and improve the quality of life for everyone.


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Degree Programs

Students may thrive in their chosen subject of study thanks to our degree programs. Our students are given several possibilities from leading businesses all around the globe. Our educational system is admired by world leaders.

Diploma Programs

Hamilton University of Business and Technology offers diploma programs that allow students to study at their own speed. Our professionals can help you develop your abilities in the selected subject.

Certificate Programs

It's never been easier to improve your abilities in a topic of your choice. Apply today to learn at your own speed with teachers who have mastered your chosen topic.